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The GDF Skills Franchisee Advantage

Future in Vocational Education

In India, both demand and supply in the education sector are undergoing a transformation . Not only does the corporate sector require computer literate personnel, but also the youth today desires to have meaningful job oriented education. Finance & Accounts is one such area which is registering impressive growth in the education sector, all business, be it small medium or large need Accounts & Finance Professionals.

Huge Demand of S/W ready Account & Finance Professionals

All tax – returns including Service tax, Vat , Income tax returns, are filed on line now. This has greatly opened up employment opportunities for computer literate, software professionals. A recently published NASCOM report anticipates job requirement of over 1 crore professionals in India in the field of Computerized Account, Finance and its back office by 2010.

Successful Business Model

Our business Model, backed up with an experience of 12 Years has been proven & highly successful. We have opened more than 60 centers all over India , which have achieved breakeven within the first 6 Months.

Low Investment Risk , Quick Returns

With a mere investment of lower than 7-8 Lacks, the Center is operational . The returns are quick to come in the first few months , the Model reaches to a breakeven when you reach a student count of 35 to 40 Admissions

Right Time and Right Product

The Rapid Economic growth in every sector has created a demand for trained & skilled professionals at all levels, thus creating an acute shortage of this man power in the field of Computer Accounts, Finance, Taxation & other relate fields , so this is the right time to bridge the gap.

Backed up by Industry

Today, the word Accountant means "Software-Ready Accounts and Finance Professionals". All tax-returns, including service tax, VAT, Income-tax returns, are filed online now. This has greatly opened up employment opportunities. Never before has the country needed the services of accountancy/finance professionals in every facet of the economy. What has changed, is the nature of the services, demand and quality of performance. The profession is gearing up and becoming more oriented to help the students realize the horizon of opportunities opened for them. And, GDF SKILLS is facilitating this process by helping them gain suitable knowledge and skill-set.