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Under the Skill India Mission, MSDE intends to establish visible and aspirational training centers (i.e. PMKKs), therefore model training centers in every district of the country were set up. The model training centers envisage to:

  • Create benchmark institutions therefore demonstrate aspirational value for competency based skill development training.
  • Focus on elements of quality, sustainability and connect with stakeholders in skills delivery process.
  • Transform from a mandate driven footloose model to a sustainable institutional model. These centers will be state of the art training centers, called Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendra (PMKK). In other words these centers will be exclusive, iconic and above all marketed as the best-in-class skill development centers.

PMKK will run industry-driven courses of high quality coupled with a focus on employ-ability. NSDC is the implementation agency for the project.

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