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Miss. Pooja Sharma

Managing Director (GDF Skills)

A Unit of Gayatri Devi Solution LLP

Starting from 2016 to 2020 we nurture ourselves with 14 branches across the nation. Our mission is to offer quality education which will ultimately lead the young minds to a successful career. We do not limit ourselves only to classroom teaching, but we think beyond it. We also make our presence on all the social platforms. We believe that the maximum we explore from a student's mind, the maximum positive outcome we receive. Hence to ensure your success, we constantly focus on excavating the best out of you because your success is our success. With the vision to digitalize every corner of our organization, we provide all the digital facilities to our students. This will not only ensure the overall development of students but also make sure the effective implementation of the knowledge gained by them during the theoretical sessions. Our tagline "committed to excellence in education" defines our mission clearly. We at GDF specifically provide IT, Software, website, accounting, animation, banking, hardware classes and believe in preparing candidates by amalgamating the traditional techniques of teaching with the digital world. Our concern is to impart knowledge to all the candidates by implementing digital strategies to facilitate quality education and to transform the candidates' potential into a positive outcome i.e. their selection in Industry.